bankomo Features Pricing FAQ

List of Prices and Services (in extracts)


Account management including bankomo credit card EUR 4,90 monthly

Account Opening Included in basic price

Account Statement (online) Included in basic price


SEPA Credit Transfer (incoming/outgoing) Included in basic price*

SEPA Direct Debit (collection from bankomo customer) Included in basic price*

P2P transactions (incoming/outgoing) Included in basic price


Withdrawals from ReiseBank AG ATMs Included in basic price **

Withdrawals from third-party ATMs 2.00% of the respective amount (at least EUR 5.00)***

Cash deposits in ReiseBank AG branches 2,00% of the respective amount (at least EUR 1,00)

Cash withdrawals in ReiseBank AG branches 3,00% of the respective amount (at least EUR 5,00)


International service fee (foreign currency transactions) 1,50% of the respective amount
*Starting with the 141st SEPA transaction (per calendar year), Wirecard Bank AG reserves the right to charge EUR 0.25 (per transaction) for all additional SEPA transactions (so-called fair use policy). **Starting with the third transaction (per calendar month), Wirecard Bank AG reserves the right to charge a fee of 2.00% of the respective amount for additional transactions (min. EUR 2.50/max. EUR 5.00 per transaction) (so-called fair use policy). ***ATM operators may levy charges which are charged to an account in addition to the sum paid out. The amount of such charges is agreed between the ATM operator and the bankomo customer at the ATM prior to the requested sum being dispensed. Such a charge is deemed to have been accepted upon a sum of money being dispensed.