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Bankomo Features

No matter if you want to transfer money, check your current account balance or use your Mastercard prepaid card – bankomo provides you with all possibilities anywhere, anytime. To apply for an account, all you need is your smartphone with an E.U. registered SIM card and your passport or identity card. Explore our prepaid smartphone banking account with all its advantages:


P2P and SEPA Transfer your money comfortably via app
Overview Your account and all transactions at a glance
ATM Withdraw cash at 300 ReiseBank ATMs across Germany free of charge
Mastercard Prepaid Prepaid based bankomo Mastercard included
Security Activate and deactivate your Mastercard Prepaid Card via app
Your Limits Set your limits for your Mastercard prepaid card via app

bankomo Mastercard Prepaid

In addition to your bankomo account the bankomo Mastercard prepaid provides you with a prepaid based payment option for online shops or any other Mastercard accepting location. bankomo fully empowers you to control your costs. With bankomo you will always have an overview on your balance.


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What is bankomo?

bankomo is a modern and easy to use smartphone account using an app for iOS and Android. You can also access your bankomo account via

bankomo offers the following services and functions:

  • Intuitive app (iOS / Android)
  • Access via
  • In German and English
  • Mobile real-time money transfer (P2P)
  • Bankomo Mastercard prepaid
  • Deposits and withdrawals in over 90 ReiseBank branches with customer-friendly opening hours (including Saturdays and Sundays at many locations)
  • Free cash withdrawals at over 300 ReiseBank cash machines (in accordance with the fair use policy)
  • Set your own limit for card transactions
  • Activate and deactivate your card via the app or website
  • Payments (SEPA transfers/SEPA direct debits)
  • View credit card details (including PIN) in the app and web interface (password protected)
  • Customer service in German and English 24 hours a day for emergencies

You can use bankomo as your main or second account.

What is a fair use policy?

bankomo offers a whole range of services at a flat rate with no additional costs. Because bankomo is an account for private customers, we assume that our customers use our services for private purposes.

Because every transaction, whether a withdrawal, transfer or P2P transfer, incurs costs, we have set a fair and transparent fixed price. Some special requests or services may attract an additional fee, which is listed in our List of prices and services.

Our fair use policy enables us to offer this fair and transparent price to all bankomo customers. We offer all our customers the same service at the same price.

What information do Bankomo employees ask me?

bankomo employees will never ask you for the following information:

• Credit card number (PAN) or security code (CVV)
• Password
• Card PIN
• Your app PIN
• (mTAN) mobile TAN

What minimum specifications are there for my smartphone?

Um die Bankomo-App nutzen zu können, benötigen Sie eines der nachstehenden Smartphones:

  • iPhone mit iOS9 oder höher
  • Android-Smartphones mit Android 5.x oder höher

Wichtig:  Gerootete Android-Smartphones oder iPhones mit Jailbreak werden aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht unterstützt.


To use the bankomo app, you need one of the following smartphones:

  • iPhone with iOS 9 or higher
  • Android smartphone with Android 5.X or higher

Please note that you will not be able to use the app on an Android smartphone that has been rooted or an iPhone that has been jail broken.

Where do I find the glossary of standardised terms and definitions for services linked to a payment account for bankomo?

You will finde the glossary of standardised terms and definitions for services linked to a payment account for bankomo here:

Glossary bankomo


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